KleaniumTM GP Flux Remover is specifically formulated to remove most types of fluxes including rosin and rosin based no-clean flux found in post-solder applications(Type R,RA & RMA). The quick penetrating and low surface tension action of this general purpose flux remover will easily dissolve and flush away fluxes,oils,greases,grime,dirt and other contaminants from you, electrical and electronic assembly. Typical applications include post wave soldering flux cleaning,printed circuit boards, component leads, connectors, gold fingers, plugs, sockets, aerospace electronics, telecommunication equipment, and avionics etc.

Features & Benefits:

    • Low Odour
    • Non- Corrosive
    • Low Toxicity
    • No white residue
    • Removes most types of fluxes including rosin & rosin based no-clean flux
    • Safe on plastics and metal materials
    • Ozone friendly containing no CFCs & HCFCs


    KleaniumTM GP


    General Purpose Flux Remover 300grams/390mls Aerosol Can


    General Purpose Flux Remover 300grams/390mls with Aerosol Brush Attachment


    General Purpose Flux Remover 1 Litre EZY-Pour Berry Top


    General Purpose Flux Remover 5 Litre EZY-Pour Berry Top


    General Purpose Flux Remover 20 Litre Drum With Side Bung & Tap